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“My experience with the lawyers at KCEH has been top notch.  Jonathan Kam was always a step ahead, each time I spoke to him.  He listened and processed everything i said.  He was extremely knowledgeable.  His communication was fantastic, and he really cared about my case.  I definitely would recommend any of the attorneys at this firm.”

W. A.

“I had a difficult claim regarding unpaid disability insurance benefits with my insurance company. I was fortunate to have Maria Manning and Guy Kornblum, personally, handle my case. Through a mediated settlement process, we were able to settle the case in a timely manner to my satisfaction. I am grateful for the professional and thorough handling of this complex legal matter.”

F. W.

“The tough professionalism of Guy Kornblum and his attorneys forced the insurance company, which paid for my brain-damaged son’s care and wasn’t living up to the terms of the settlement agreement, to fulfill its obligations. He now receives the quality of care he is entitled to.”


“My wife and I were afraid we would never see any of the money we ‘nested’ in the tax shelter again and that we were stuck with life insurance policies that we did not need. However, the settlement obtained by Guy Kornblum refunded the money we paid into the tax shelter and freed us from the insurance policies. My wife and I were glad the case settled and we could put this all behind us.”


“As you know, I have dealt with many of San Francisco’s top attorneys over the last 40 years and my experience with you and your staff has been outstanding. Your hard work and professionalism, along with your experience, truly sets you apart from the rest. My wife and I are both appreciative of your services and thankful for your frank and honest communication. Our goal was to reach the finish line ASAP and you facilitated this process wonderfully and we thank you for that.”


“I want to thank you for the excellent assistance that you and Mr. Crump have given me and the very pleasant treatment I have received from your firm.
I have learned a good deal about my case, in general, and the sort of reactions I might expect from people going forward, and I am most appreciative.”



“Thank you so much for all the time and energy you spent with me reviewing my case and coming up to speed on all of its specifics. It helped me a great deal to be able to talk with both you and Guy and it was very comforting to know that you were both ready to jump in if the case called for it. Thank you for everything.”



“Thank you very much for all the time and energy you spent in coming up to speed on my case. I really appreciated all of your sound advice and insight from your years of experience. Thanks so much.”



“Just a short note to let you know that my long-standing car insurance matter was finally settled. The two parties were able to agree on a relatively low amount. I really appreciate the reality check you provided early on during this stressful event. It helped me from viewing the whole thing too catastrophically! More recently, the advice you had about how to structure an “I want to settle” letter was a big boost. While the whole affair had to follow its course in the end, being able to bounce things casually off of you a few times kept me from suffering in silence. Thank you so much!”