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Life Insurance

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If you have a lot of money invested in comprehensive life, health or disability insurance coverage, and a huge claim to settle, you can bet there will be people looking to take advantage of your situation. If you have been taken advantage of, you want an experienced insurance coverage lawyer on your side. At the San Francisco law offices of KCEH, we handle all forms of life, health, and disability insurance litigation.

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There are a lot of complex scams involving life insurance policies. What looks like a good idea on paper may leave you with fewer assets and less protection, while lining the pockets of salesmen and insurance brokers. Many people are convinced to sell their current life insurance policy in order to pay the premium needed to “upgrade” their policy. All the money you have lost goes straight to the agent, while your new policy may even cost you more and protect you less.

If you believe that you have been the victim of life insurance sales fraud, we can help you evaluate your claim and explore your options. With considerable experience handling long-term disability and life insurance coverage claims, attorney Guy Kornblum will make sure your rights are protected. He tried California’s first bad faith case involving a long-term disability and he is not afraid to take on fraudulent insurance companies.

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Life, health and disability insurance fraud can be hard to spot, but if you have any suspicions at all, it is time to find out more about your rights and options. From our San Francisco offices, we are ready to help you evaluate your situation. Call (415) 440-7800 or contact us online today to find out more.