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Guy O. Kornblum offers an effective program for mediation at a reasonable fee, and our past success speaks for itself.

We are committed to the expedient resolution of civil disputes. We focus on preparation, diplomacy, and candor in all our negotiations.

Effective mediation resolves cost prohibitive conflicts in a timely, efficient, and peaceful manner. Despite this, only over the last decade has mediation evolved into an integral component of the legal process. Guy Kornblum Mediations has aggressively and passionately supported this development and has employed facilitative, evaluative and transformative modules of mediation with effective outcomes.

Negotiating And Settling Tort Cases Book

Negotiating And Settling Tort Cases by Guy O. Kornblum

Guy Kornblum was one of the first lawyers to aggressively take advantage of the mediation process in his effort to effectively represent his clients. He has a passion for resolving disputes which he applies in his practice.  This passion is reflected in a book he co-authored, “Negotiating and Settling Tort Cases,” which was published by Thomas West and the American Association of Justice in 2007 and supplemented several times since.  He also regularly writes a column, “The Resolution Advocates,” for the Litigation Counsel of America Trial Lawyer Honorary, and lecture on on Mediation Advocacy for CLE groups, including two presentations for the San Francisco Bar Association in 2009, 2010 and 2011.

He has been serving as a volunteer mediator for the San Francisco Bar Association and the San Francisco Superior Court for a dozen years, and from time to time  has been asked to mediate cases at his office.  He has participated as an advocate in hundreds of mediations over the years.

Professional Mediation Services Include:

Pre-mediation conference (1 hour) by telephone
Post-mediation follow up to resolution
Emphasis on early mediation; within 6 months of filing Complaint

Moderate professional fees:

$5500 – full day
Less than full day billed at $595 per hour.

Mediation fee includes validated parking for two vehicles and a casual lunch.

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