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Commercial Property Insurance

California Attorneys Resolving Property Insurance Disputes

Insurance to protect you from loss and from damage to personal property, buildings and homes is very common. This type of coverage is found in Homeowners policies and Commercial General Liability (CGL) business package policies.

When claims are made insurers often again “low ball” the loss and require you to submit endless forms, estimates, and documentation, and insurance companies often fail to thoroughly investigate and properly evaluate these claims.

Often the insurance company will force you into litigation position where you are compelled to seek arbitration, appraisal or the court’s help. We know how to guide you and represent you in obtaining the fair and proper amount on property insurance claims.

If you feel you have been wronged by a property insurance carrier in the Bay Area or anywhere in California, the lawyers at Kornblum, Cochran, Erickson, & Harbison, LLP can help. Call our San Francisco offices at (415) 440-7800 or contact us online today.