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Business Insurance Claims

Business Insurance Claims

Emergency Medical Air Evacuation Reimbursement

If you are an emergency medical air evacuation company and need help collecting from an insurance company that will not pay for the costs of a patient’s transport, please contact us. We can help you collect from the denied or limited claim and handle the litigation on a contingency basis.

Email us, or call 415-440-7800 extension 2226. We are available 24/7.


We are leading attorneys for policyholders and insureds against insurance companies

We are your advocates when insurance companies don’t fulfill their promises under their policies.

If your insurance company does not live up to its promises of insurance coverage, we can help!

A covenant of good faith and fair dealing is implicit in every insurance contract. A policyholder pays a fixed premium in exchange for the insurance company’s promise to protect the policyholder from loss in accordance with the terms specified in the contract. If an insurer does not meet this obligation, it is said to be acting in “bad faith.” When this occurs, the insured party may seek recovery beyond the terms of the policy, including damages for emotional stress, economic losses and attorney fees.

The attorneys at Kornblum Cochran Erickson & Harbison, LLP, advocate for individuals and businesses that are involved in disputes regarding insurance coverage. We have handled hundreds of cases in the areas of commercial and personal insurance policies. If you have had an insurance claim denied or undervalued, we will work to recover the benefits you deserve.

We have the resources necessary to develop the full spectrum of bad faith insurance disputes, including those involving automobile insurance, homeowners insurance, and life, health and disability insurance.

We also handle disputes involving commercial insurance coverage, including:

Business Interruption Insurance – Insurance companies often overload businesses with forms and other paperwork following a fire or other casualty that forces the business to shut down. We help our clients streamline the process and recover the benefits they deserve.

Commercial Liability Insurance

Commercial Property Coverage

Directors and Officers Insurance

Employment Practices Insurance

Insurance Agent & Broker Liability

Employment practices liability — We make sure insurance companies fulfill their obligations regarding claims by employees against the employers or co-workers.

Professional Liability – Health care providers, lawyers, accountants, real estate agents and other professionals carry insurance to protect against legal action taken against them. We represent clients whose claim has been wrongly denied or undervalued.